About us

It all started with a thesis in the Industrial Design studies. At first we just wanted to design a more ergonomic beehive. During the first design studies we accompanied several beekeepers during their work.
The first time we saw the treatment against the Varroa Mite, it was an shocking experience. The chemical treatment had a direct effect on the bees‘ behaviour. We found that there is a more serious problem to be solved than the ergonomics in beekeeping.
Therefore we have asked scientists for advice, they repeatedly pointed out the problem with the wrong microclimate in conventional bee-boxes.
Philip Potthast and Fabian Wischmann got to know each other in the Startup Centre of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. With Fabian, Philip quickly found an ardent supporter for his idea. Fabian brings a background in Startups and Business Administration to team HIIVE and Philip brings years of experience in Design. Since the beginning of 2020, they have been working together to drive development forward.